Thursday, August 13, 2009



We are Bushwood, and we think there is something missing in your lives: more BUSHWOOD!!! We have recently relocated from Orlando, FL to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and the transition could not have been any smoother. We want to welcome & introduce Adam Moskowitz on the bass! We have had 3 shows with the new set up so far, and they have all been increasingly incredible!! Speaking of incredible, we want to thank the fans so much for coming out to support your boys!! We do this all for you, and we need you to know that. Without you all, we are just 3 dudes on stage acting like fools playing our special brand of reggae/rock. So, thank you again, this is all for you! Stay tuned to all of our sites (links below!) as we are planning some big things for the future and are looking to book several shows before we say goodbye to 2009. If you haven't yet, become a fan on facebook, "follow" us on twitter, or join the mailing list so you get the lowdown and behind the scenes action!
Until next time - Peace, Love, & Reggae!!!

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