Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing: BUSHWO(RL)D

Good morning, and in case we don’t see you later (or you read this later), good afternoon, good evening and good night!! Hope you had a great 09/09/09 yesterday on Wednesday (9 letters) in this wonderful month of September (9 letters), which happened to be the 252nd day of the year (yup, adds up to 9!) It’s almost like that movie “23” but real life and they decided on a different number instead!

But all Jim Carrey movie references aside, we have a couple of items (why not make it 9?) to address in this issue of BUSHWO(RL)D <-- (you see what we did there, the parenthesis are like an “O” but we snuck in the "RL" ummhmm ya – very clever, we know!) So, here we go!

1) The Show at Murphy's!
Our show last Saturday (September 5th) at Murphy’s Downtown in Boca was pretty incredible!!! We had an excellent turnout from our loyal group of fans and friends, and we just want to give an extra thanks for coming out on a holiday weekend! You guys really are the shit! We rocked it hard for you, brought out some brand spankin’ new songs, and old favorites as well :) Also, thank you Murphy’s for hooking up the gig and to Skafyah for sharing the stage with us. More show announcements to come soon!

2) New Website & Revamped Blog!
We just created our own social network with the address which has some very cool features. We recommend checking it out and taking a look around!
Also, we have completely updated and redesigned the Bushwood Blog (located at Check that out too!

3) Bushwood Merchandise thru Zazzle!
We are EXTREMELY excited to have found this website and be able to offer you an exclusive chance to sport BUSHWOOD merchandise! Essentially, we set up some basic designs for Bushwood shirts, but what’s sick about it is that you can then go in and completely personalize or customize your shirt. No longer are the days when you either liked the design or didn’t; now YOU have the option of shirt color & style, as well as design placement. Check this out:

4) Fan Reviews!
You must know by now that we are ALL about our fans, which means you! To everyone that has come out to a show since Bushwood relocated to the South Florida, we want to hear from you! You guys have been great with posting pictures but now we want to take it a step further – let us know what you think about a show once it all goes down! You have many options of where to post your thoughts, but we would love it if you would either mention @BushwoodBand on Twitter, post it on our Facebook page, comment on our blog with it, or just e-mail it to! Let’s hear it!!

5) Recording!
We are ready to record our songs and share them (in pristine quality) with the world! If you happen to know anybody that can help us out, has a studio (or knows someone that does), or can recommend one, PLEASE reach out to one of us and share the wealth! We are looking to and have enough incredible songs to record a full length album, but would be more than happy to release an EP at this juncture! Reach out to us if you got anything!

6) Are you a true Bushwood fan?
First of all, we want to thank all of you for reaching out and showing us some love, whether by “becoming a fan” on Facebook, “following us” on Twitter, or appreciating us & our music on various other sites like: YouTube, ReverbNation, MySpace, BandCamp, iLike, etc. If you love us and love the party atmosphere that we provide, show that love through the internets – don’t be shy!

8) Love
9) & Reggae!!!


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