Thursday, September 3, 2009

Profile Picture CONTEST! We need YOU!!!

Hey there! Hope you are having a great Thursday! We are rapidly closing in on the weekend, and only 3 days away from hitting the stage at Murphy’s Downtown in Boca!!

So, here’s the deal: We need a new profile picture for our sites all over the interwebs, and we need YOUR help! The winning photo will be displayed on our Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, ReverbNation, iLike, BandCamp, Last.FM, and various other BUSHWOOD destinations on the internet thing! And we will of course credit the director of photography accordingly :)

Unfortunately, our “band camera” was stolen over last weekend :( therefore leaving us with no way to document the historic show that will take place on Saturday night… We know you have a camera and were maybe thinking about bringing it – PLEASE DO!! AND PLEASE TAKE AS MANY PICTURES AS POSSIBLE!!!

Whoever takes the “BEST” picture that includes all 3 band members will be rewarded handsomely! (Can you say “FREE BUSHWOOD SHIRT?!?”)

All you have to do is bring that camera we were talking about and snap away furiously! Then, when you get home, you can either upload the pictures to your Facebook & tag the band members*, upload pictures directly to the fan photos on the BUSHWOOD fan page, or send them directly to the band e-mail:

That’s it for now! We hope you guys are excited about Saturday night!! We can’t wait!!! :) See you then!

Peace, Love, & Reggae!

* Band Members: (Friend us on Facebook if you have not already!)
Steven Voronkov [Guitar/Vocals]
Adam Moskowitz [Bass Guitar]
Jon Cross [Drums]

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